House of Cultural Curiosity or HoCC is a collaborative practice and community interest company established in 2016.

HoCC believes in the power of curiosity to shape and change the world. HoCC seeks to democratise knowledge by bringing people together to explore all sorts of things with fresh eyes through collaboratively produced creative projects.

We have co-developed work with artists Nathan Burr, Janey Moffatt, Rosalie Schweiker and Lee Shearman and worked with scientists and technologists from the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. 

We work in three main ways; through our curated programme, in partnership and by commission. 

We have:

  • curated projects funded by the British Science Festival and the Women's Vote Centenary Project.

  • worked in partnership with the Conran Group, FreemanXP, Curious Space and The Craftimation Factory.

  • been commissioned by The Digital Technologies Research Group at the University of Sussex.

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